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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by ETM View Post
Liston is the bigger, stronger man and the better boxer. He is going to be putting that big jab in Marciano`s face over and over..
I never saw anyone land a double jab on Marciano. After the first jab landed he was in the other mans face throwing shots and landing himself.
Originally Posted by ETM View Post
He also had powerful uppercuts to follow it with. Rocky`s face would be torn to ribbons by the midrounds..
If you look at Marcianos footing and stance from the outside as he was closing range he was almost entirely side on. A lead uppercut would not work because the head is behind the forward facing left shoulder and in front of the oposite right shoulder above his back foot. An uppercut would only work inside. If he can find room.
Originally Posted by ETM View Post
If Marciano gets inside in spots Sonny is strong enough to push him off the same way Foreman pushed Frazier back. Liston is going to have about a 20+lbs weight advantage and he had uncommon strength..
Maybe, also a chance rocky being lower with that wide footing with neutralise this though?

Originally Posted by ETM View Post
Marciano was the better champion and the greater fighter but this is a bad style matchup for him.
Sonny Liston by knockout.
Only if you look at it from one angle. This is a close, hard fight tougher than a fight Liston actually won.
Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
The reach disparity would almost be comical. Even taking some of the more conservative measurements of Liston's reach we are talking about a 15 inch difference.
I have bounced back and forth on this one over that past 10 years. I just don't ****ing know. And neither do any of you.
There is only one inch in height but like you say a lot of reach disparity. This can only factor if Liston can make that reach count and do something he never did and get up on his toes and turn into Tokyo Douglas. At long range I never saw anyone hurt Marciano at his championship best from the outside because of his low, crowding from a side on stance. Long shots from outside only ever seemed to graze Rocky‘s crab like tangle of shoulders and elbows. Often Marciano’s feet would be in range but his head would not. This drew opponents closer to him and within Marciano’s punch radius. I think rocky gets do do what he wants to do and Liston cant do what he wants to do.
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