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Default Does anybody still believe Kung Fu is effective in a real fight?

So me and a couple of friends were at the Bar watching the Jones vs Belfort card when one of the guys my friend brought with him says to my buddy "One on one fighting like this does not impress me I've seen 60 year Chinese guys fight 12 dudes at once". I said yeah but those are his students and that not real it's just for show.... then it just kinda got dropped.The night went great had fun then we left. Well about 10 minutes into the ride home it gets brought back up somehow and this time my friend says "Well in a fight with no rules the Kung fu guy would beat An MMA fighter or Boxer ".I said so if a Muay Thai fighter fought A Kung Fu fighter your saying Kung Fu wins? He says " he has just as much of a chance". He was dead serious, he thinks that Jackie Chan **** is real! So my question is do any of you believe Kung Fu Would be effective in a real fight against a good MMA fighter or Boxer? Or a Muay Thai fighter?

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