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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by Caelum View Post
Not always. Sometimes he would be stopped in his tracks and regroup. Even have to pull back. Louis gave him trouble when he was fresh (for that point in this career). I've always wondered what a Prime Louis would do with his Jab..
90% of the time Marciano neutralised jabs. Ali himself found a middle aged rocky har to nail with his own expert jab. A faster jab than Listons.
Marciano worked well off the other mans jab. Often Rocky’s feet were in range but his head was not, marciano would lure them forward so they could step in with a jab just so he could counter it.

Originally Posted by Caelum View Post
 As far as the double Jab, maybe this is an example:
Start at 4:53 so you don't miss it.
Yes this is great footage! But this is not a marching forward “kick ass” Liston double jab. This is Archie moore at the edge of range looking to change directon and find space. Im not sure both landed, it was more to blind rocky momentarily so he could reposition. Later Moore even used a treble jab only because he found the right footing and angle with clever feints and shifty parrys. Sonny used one angle -straight at you. It was a slower jab with everything on it as he marched in.
Originally Posted by Caelum View Post
 On the other hand, we can also see that Rocky's defense is still good here and in other fights. He makes fighters miss and doesn't rely on his face to block like some think.
I would like to point out that I am just dissecting the discussion and it by no means is meant to diss Rocky. Great Fighter. But some of the talk with him, or any fighter for that matter, can be a bit exaggerated. I may sometimes do it to and that's why it's good to have someone counter.
Much appreciated! I agree some people get carried away. However, on getting up against archie Moore rocky used a master class of defence coming forward. Slipping and rolling, without punching back or intentionally clinching Rocky crowded Moore’s footing preventing him from getting set for the finishing attack he wanted. Moore does penetrate some of rockys clumsy elbow/shoulder crab defence but only with grazing blows. Rocky knew what he was doing whilst hurt against an expert KO king like Moore. There was over 2 mins of the round left and he neutralised one of historys finest finishers.

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