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Default Re: How to you endure a strangulation choke hold ?

Originally Posted by White Tiger View Post
Heres another question,

Lets say - you get into a fight - and this is a personal something that happened to me in my teens - I was drunk and there was a bit of trouble and I walked away from the situation but was brought down from behind and pinned down and choked out.

Now this incident - this guy had me down - but I dont think this guy was any skilled combat fighter - he just got me down.

Now - he got the better of me in this incident - before it got broken up.

But up on my feet - I done boxing trainign for years - not got any grappling skills or anyhting - but what you reckon the chances of me getting him up on my feet were ?

I always felt I had a good chance of beating him up on my feet. but he probaly felt he was superior to me because of how it went.

What I am saying is - in a fight - can a inferior combat fighter beat a superior one - just from a choke hold ?
He could have landed a haymaker that knocked you out too. Or kicked you in the ***** while you weren't looking. Or boxed both of your ears to burst your ear drums.

Fighting encompasses many different things. If you had known how to defend the choke than perhaps he wouldn't have choked you out. Training or not, if he can take you down to the ground or clinch with you suddenly your boxing training is worth very very little. No reason to have an ego about who is superior and who is inferior. Better to focus on improving yourself than trying to justify someone "beating" you.
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