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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by yaca you View Post
Hey Muaythai fans here are two recent fun fights for you to watch.

Sorry yaca I totally missed this post! Great post to!

I love Pornsaneh to me he's a throwback fighter. A totally excitng come froward fighter who's preference is to kick and punch. But he's a real thinker as well, not like an alls ***** out Bovy come forward guy, Pornsaneh's as *****y as Bovy but he's way more tactical. You know his end goal is always the same ie he wants to land that low rigght round kick, but he seems to confuse you into beliveing otherwise by mixing things up so well with his hands.

His right kick is ****in wickedly evil . The kind of sterotypical brutally repetative Thai low kick that throws back to the 90s and still causes western fighters to shake i nthier boots!

Shame he's not 10 kilos bigger and he could cause some serious international damage image him K-1 style with those fists nad feet! He'd be a great addition to the Thai Fight promotion to.

By the way all credit to Kongnabha for deciding he didn't want to taste anymore lowkicks and needed to try to end it in round 2 with elbows, oened things up nicely, great spirit.

The 2nd fight well......

I was watching that and thought this is a mismatch, a rare thing in Thailand until Sipayak put Kataphet on his **** with that kick! Great come back although it was kinda clear in the next round it was a lucky strike as Sipayak was clearly the weaker fighter, but to his credit he really showed true Thai spirit and went for it. But that finfishung kick for Kataphet....class... and with the lead leg to! He'd been sizing that one up for a while.

Great clips Yaca! Don't be a stranger in here!
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