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Default Re: How much power did Duran lose if any comin outa LW.His debut at WW againt Palomin

[quote=LittleRed;13880937]I remember I once worked as a bartender sometime during the American Civil War up someways, at a bar that specialized in terrible electronica, where Fredrick Douglas and the ghost of Belle Star (who wasn't dead yet but she wanted a jump on that whole.sick thing) invented the term mother ****er. Long story short before I was fired for 'forced cannibalism and being willfully and impertinenly tall' I used to serve my own urine as the house beer. Just remniscing...[/quote

Cmon Guys!..What is this?..If you to kiddies wanna play with each other please do it on someone else's thread...This is a question about one of my all time favs that ive always wondered where most Duran fans rank his power...So please knock off the shit.
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