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Default Re: the UFC is not using Bruce Buffer to be the announcer at UFC on FX 6

Originally Posted by scurlaruntings View Post
Someone sticky this post!!! SOMEONE STICKY THIS POST!!!

I comment negatively on aspects of the UFC quite frequently, scurla. I'll complain that some cards are weak, some main events are meaningless, there are too many PPVs and I don't like Buffer. Also there is often too much padding in their shows, they sometimes get carried away with the hype, and I ****ing hate hearing Goldie reading advertising **** during the action of a fight I have paid to watch. And I hate watching a full trailer of some dumb movie that I don't give a **** about, in the middle of a PPV show that I have bought.

Generally though, I am a fan of what Zuffa has done for the sport, and I enjoy following their product. So I don't feel the need to **** and moan and whine and throw tantrums and cry like a *****, before AND after EVERY event they put on, for years on end. And I just don't feel the need to constantly act like Dana White ass****ed my sister on the first date and then didn't call her.

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