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Default Re: Does anybody still believe Kung Fu is effective in a real fight?

Originally Posted by dranon View Post
I really thought he was joking... He wasn't. Just to clarify Jon Jones was the guy they were talking about getting beat uP by a Kung Fu Master. It was like arguing with kids over the existence of Santa Claus. My argument was based in reality while theirs was...... Well it wasn't.
Fair enough, at least once a month we get that deluded Kung Fu nonsense in here to & they tend to be the same guys that think Yoda comes from a small village in Northen China & taught Bruce Lee everything he knew.

Originally Posted by Caestus View Post
Well, contact sport Sanda is a blend of the most efective techniques of diverse styles of Kung Fu and western boxing.Some Kung fu techniques like throws, kicks etc. works very well, but in order to punch and defend punches, you need western boxing.Within that, you will not beat any decent opponent.
Not true at all, Muay Thai is Kryptonite to western boxing & far more effective at ensuring a boxer is ineffective. Knee counters to punches as well as brutal low kicks to the heavily weighted lead leg are the two obvious examples.
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