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Default Re: the UFC is not using Bruce Buffer to be the announcer at UFC on FX 6

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
Didnt read

I must have imagined Michael Buffer announcing at the UFC for two or 3 events when they were ''tiny and broke'' aswell. But Im sure Haggis will google that then pretend to know what he is talking about whilst ''correcting'' me. But what do I know, I just watched them, he has wiki

No, I wasn't aware of that. I have little interest in the circus spectacle of the unsanctioned, openweight early tournaments.

Looking at it, it appears I was wrong. They had Michael Buffer for two events right at the beginning, before switching to his cheaper, much more anonymous brother who is nowhere near as good.

Well done Stoo, you caught me. Sixteen years ago, Michael Buffer did in fact announce two UFC events. Before he disappeared from the Octagon forever and was replaced by his less well-known brother for the what? 300 or more events since? And I didn't know that. Pat yourself on the back Stoo, you have won a great triumph here today.

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