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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Originally Posted by frankenfrank View Post
watching fights takes much more time than gathering many relevant facts about d fights .

And how do u judge a fighter when u lack 1 , if not some , if not all of his fights that matter ?

by watching him destroy a drained borderline bum whose claim 2 gr8ness is based on decisioning another over8ed fighter whom just happnened 2b a smaller midget and drained as well whose main claim 2 fame was decisioning 2ice another over8ed serial hometown fighter whom just accidentally happened 2b drained in those 2 occasions and fighting in d other man's backyard and even then at least 1 of those verdicts is dubious .

2nd red :
my knowledge of d sport and my opinions r clearer , more consistent and much more based on facts and correct than yours .

And it is very much possible that we have both seen about d same amount of fights by now , with myself repeating a major part of them 2 up 2 5 times .

1st i judge , then i verify my judgement by watching unless d verdict is just 2 clear , strong and obvious .

i already replied about how powerful and useful tool boxrec is 4 me , even at vbetting on fighters that i never watched even 4a sec .

RJ is some1 whom 1 might get impressed by watching him fight , .. ,


unless that 1 has a functioning brain and is aware that Jones' opponents were dead by d time that he fought them .
and usually also severely undersized .

boxrec usually tells 1 about these things , believe it or not .

Even those whom quickly destroyed him were past their prime .
1 of which was in fact drug abused and older than Jones still , and d other was of d same age and past more punishment than Jones himself due2"stylez" .
I'm not saying don't use boxrec, it's a handy tool. I use it for the prediction league I'm in.

So that's Olivares, Rose, Harada and Jofre you're dissing?

Your knowledge of the sport is based on statistics.

You don't know how far my knowledge of the sport goes.
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