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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Originally Posted by AlFrancis View Post
I'm not saying don't use boxrec, it's a handy tool. I use it for the prediction league I'm in.

So that's Olivares, Rose, Harada and Jofre you're dissing?

Your knowledge of the sport is based on statistics.

You don't know how far my knowledge of the sport goes.
if u want any credibility , y do not u show it by playing with d nice vBookie system ? like your friend Feme did ?

my knowledge of d sport is based on highly detailed statistics , linked 2 each other , backed up / solidified by hundreds of fights watched about 1/3-1/2 of which repeated 2-5 times .

Jofre rarely per4med under d effects of jet lag , etc . His opponents did , however .

I doubt his #1 spot in my list .
but yes , I dissed them all .
U never convinced me y they were better than Lujan , Vazquez , (Gaby) Canizales , Raul Perez .

And u defin8ly follow d sport 4 a much longer period than i do , and keep sticking 2 heroes based on hero worshipping .

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