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Default Re: Moore's strategy in the Marciano fight

Marciano Frazier, you have produced a series of highly intelligent and well-articulated brilliant posts on this thread (as have the rest of you here). Many lucid insights, and thoughtful, interesting ****ysis. I'm going to sit back, relax, and enjoy these exchanges, as there's nothing I can contribute now to this discussion.

Was there ever any possibility that Archie Moore could have defeated Rocky? I don't think so. Ezzard Charles had Archie's number, and did about as well in his 15 rounder with Rocky was anybody in that era could have done. Archie only lasted into the eighth round as was, so the idea of him lasting twice as long, and being on his feet at the end of 15 rounds seems a little far fetched to me.

Was Moore actually a harder puncher than Marciano? Maybe, for one punch, maybe not. He appears to have been able to connect more reliably than Rocky, but punch for punch, Marciano was perhaps a bit like Cuevas, an attrition specialist who could take an opponent out with any shot landed. If Marciano's average power per punch wasn't the highest of any heavyweight champ, I'd like to know whose was!
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