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Default Re: Scott Harrison faces 6 years in jail!

Originally Posted by Dunky McCafferty View Post
****in hell lads, calm down!!! People going bonkers here, wishing Scotty dead and stuff This is OLD news, when scotty was going mental. However, the man has did his time, hes calming down, trying to make another go of a stalled career.

I smell hypocrisy if the truth be told, what recent events straight off the top of my head? What about Haye & chisora? Did people want to see either of them dead after Haye smacked woman beater Chisora in the head with a bottle, ensuing a bloody riot! Chisora threatens to shoot Haye, Haye gloats about how the minute he landed the bottle on Deboys face he was clean out for a few seconds while Haye was enjoying throwing elbows onto a KO'd chisora before lamping people with a tripod? Shocking behaviour for boxers, dont you agree?

Nah, Haye was a 'G' & a hero to his adoring fanboys on here, a fight was made & both guys made a fortune for their actions. but when we hear Scotty was 'allegedly' in a brawl its much wailing and gnashing of teeth, posters recoiling in horror and fainting in shock, shouts of 'Scotty deserves death' "ban this evil monster" "Scott Harrison ate my hamster" & other outlandish nonsense.

Chisora slapping Vitali unprovoked at a weight in?

Ricky Hatton snorting class A drugs LIVE on camera while hes banging some lassie behind his adoring wifes back, dont hear anyone saying Ricky shouldnt be allowed back in a ring after being caught snorting cocaine!

Tyson Fury being thrown out of a boxing arena for tearing his shirt off & trying to fight a shocked Chisora,

Tony Bellew having to be forcibly held back from assaulting Nathan Cleverly,

David Price being asked to leave an all you can eat chinese buffet cos has an appetite as big as his size

All shameful incidents in their own right, but I dont hear anyone wanting these guys dead because of it!

Scotty is trying to sort his life out, & its shameful the witch hunt that is going on here from the selective memory brigade over old news which he hasnt even been found guilty of!

Shame on the haters for taking it way too far with scotty as usual. wishing a boxer dead

Just when I thought I had seen it all on here
You're weird.

Originally Posted by Rocky View Post
He didnt commit suicide because of scott harrison he committed suicide because his wife and family found out he was in a brothel

Scotty has done his time hes moved on from all that carry on, hes had 2 comeback fights and is fighting for the world title in decemeber, these spanish *******s should leave him be to get on with his life.
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