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Default Re: Does anybody still believe Kung Fu is effective in a real fight?

Originally Posted by Caestus View Post
Competitive sport Muay Thai is actually mixed with western boxing, and pure muay boran disapeared from the rings since the introduction of boxing type training and techniques. guess why...

Same with karatekas in K-1, you dont see tsukis, uraken punches or wing chun guys.
Mybe it's rude to assume, but let me guess Caestus, you don’t follow too much “Thai” Muay Thai right? You seem to be confusing western trained “Muay Thai” fighters who cross over into K-1 styled Kickboxing with genuine Thai nationality MT boxers and western MT boxers trained in Thailand.

How exactly is “competitive sport Muay Thai mixed with western boxing”?

True, there are great similatites between to two sports and as I often say they are children of the same mother, but to undermine Muay Thais independant success and effectiveness by saying "it's mixed with western boxing" is as wrong as it is unfair. The stance is different, the weight distribution of the feet is different, the hand position and guard is different, the footwork is different, evasive movement is different, the tit for tat striking mentality and lack of drilled combos is different, the scoring system is different etc. etc etc. etc.…….oh I just realised you meant they fight in a square ring and share a few punches, of course how silly of me not to realise what you meant. Just pulling you leg with the last bit, but you see where I'm coming from right?

Don’t confuse solely western trained MT fighters & kickboxers who wear Muay Thai shorts with pure MT fighters, there's a big difference.

Muay Boran, Muay Boran, Muay Boran……….No one in the west had ever heard or used this term until Jah Panom started jumping all over our screens and it’s rarely talked about in Thai fight circles either. It’s taken on a life of its own in the west where we love to pigeon hole and clarify as well as market new and exotic ideas to gullible people. Muay Boran is just a loose umbrella term that covers all the different traditional regional variants of Muay Thai, which differed greatly and in terms of techniques and effectiveness.

Muay Thai practitioners & fans in Thailand have a different view on your “pure muay boran disapeared from the rings since the introduction of boxing type training and techniques”. Muay Boran as a varied regional tradition may have “disappeared” into the shadows yes, but Muay Boran techniques never went anywhere! When you visit a gym or watch a fight in Thailand you’re watching Muay Boran techniques. You’re watching what was universal to all the different variants of Muay Boran, the basic most effective offensive and defensive techniques in each one, Muay Boran never “disappeared” it just got standardized.

Anyway, back to the original point, I responded to your comment “but in order to punch and defend punches, you need western boxing.” Which I still say is nonsense in a full striking context outside of the sport of boxing. I can’t speak for the other striking disciplines, but in terms of Muay Thai no self-respecting Muay Thai trainer or gym in the world is gonna tell you to defend punches in the manner of a western boxer and I doubt they would in Sanda either, you’d be annihilated.

If you are a Sanda or MT fighter with many more than just two weapons available why defend against hands like a boxer and handicap yourself. The lead knee counter is kryptonite to a boxer, it's quick, more powerful than a punch and the boxer doesn’t see it coming or know how to defend against it. Combine this with everytime you try to jump out of punching range you are smashed with a lowkick to your lead leg where fighters who rely on boxing tend to put at least 50% of body weight it becomes pretty tough for a heavily trained boxer/kickboxer, many Japanese and European Kickboxers lost many a fight to a Thai due to this, why do you think in the late 80s and 90s the mythology became so huge about the Thai low kick, well it’s cos the westerners relied too much on their “superior boxing skills” so the Thais just went to town on their front legs. Throw in the mix everytime a fighter trained in boxing instinctively dips low in a defensive duck he falls onto a knee or when he comes close he gets pulled into a clinch, pummelled with knees then released and hit with a quick elbow on the break life becomes even harder if you want to employ boxing techniques. This aside from pummelling’s at distance from powerful round kicks that the boxer will incorrectly block with his arms............

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