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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Originally Posted by AlFrancis View Post
Lujan, Vasquez, Canizalez and Perez all boxed in my lifetime as well you know and were all very good fighters.
so what makes Jofre , Olivares , Harada , Rose better than them ? or gr8er ? or anything ?

Originally Posted by AlFrancis View Post
Statistics are part of the game as you say, but they don't always tell the whole story.
Fighting away from home, I agree with you, it makes a big difference but Jofre did box on the road as did Rose (how someone who knows boxing can call him a borderline bum I'll never know), Harada not so much.
Who did Jofre fight away from home ? 7 times overall he lost 2 decisions 2 Harada . He has 1 possibly big win away from home against Medel .
But Medel also gets over8ed and in fact was shakier and less consistent than Vazquez 4 example .
Medel probably was good but gets over8ed .

all based on d ignored fact that d 118 title switched hands in a descending order of quality from Jofre 2 Harada 2 Rose (probably 118's all time low) and then Olivares was a step up but due 2 big rise from d obscene depth gets over8ed . But even Olivares won d title from n extremely drained fighter whom even was d weakest link in d not so strong even otherwise chain .

Bernardo Caraballo lost all of his big outings by KO .

Maybe except 1 which he either still lost / won by decision or just 1 out of 6 that he had something going his way if that 1 time happened at all .
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