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Default Re: The "Whine About Mayweather" Express!!!!!!

Originally Posted by techks View Post
All this does is bring more uneeded attention to Mayweather you idiots! Complain about "*****s" and Floyd all you want to but you idiots are only promoting him. If ya "hate"(Don't know a fighter, how could you hate him unless he did a very heinous thing like kill babies?) Talk about your own heroes.

Puga and most if not every pac**** alike for instance, y'all talk about Floyd waaaaay more than I do and I'm a fan of him. Isn't that at the least incredibly embarrasing? Reason why I'm on Classic and studying Flys-Feathers because of ish like this.

IB I love you man but **** this thread though ironically people need this to bust their loads to this ol fart. I'm not really helping by keeping this thread relevant as are those who ***** about or suck off Mayweather in other threads causing too much Paq/Floyd orgies. Still, since this ish takes up most of General and lots of people will see this, this is a great way to promote my message which needs to spread. Shameless, don't care. Rather be that than a fake boxing fan thats a nuthugger that DKSAB anyday.
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