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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by choklab View Post
Marciano will get past 90% of Listons jabs because he got past 90% of everyone’s jabs.
Larry Holmes named Sonny Liston the best jabber in HW history. This, alone, illustrates the threadbare logic you are employing here. The only jab Rocky fast that was comparable to Liston's was Ezzard's. Charles had lost a lot of his speed by that time (sorry, it's just true, he was still special but he was slower). The difference in reach between Charles and Liston? Eleven inches.

You hear people say this sort of thing all the time. It's usually about their favourite fighter taking punches, right before their favourite fighter gets KO'd. You have absolutely nothing to go on here. The notion that Liston is repeatedly countered on his jab is based upon what? Almost nobody ever did it aside from Ali, a lightning fast mover with literally less in common with Marciano than every other fight who has ever boxed.

There is also no precedent (Ever? By any fighter in any fight in history?) for Rocky countering on a 17" reach disparity.

That's seventeen inches, recorded. That's a foot-and-a-half.

The notion that he would slip 90% of these jabs absolutely exceptional presumption. The notion that he would counter even a handful is also presuming plenty.

The notion that Rocky will hit Sonny Liston every time he throws a jab:

If it misses rocky counters. If sonnys jab lands rocky still lands.
May be the single most preposterous piece of "technical ****ysis" I have ever read on this forum.

If it wasn't for the fact that this is the fourth or fifth time i've seen you make this ludicrous claim, I wouldn't even have bothered to reply.
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