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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by Caelum View Post
I don't know what the deal was in the second fight with Ali but some would say you have to factor in the possibility that Liston didn't see the punch coming because of the speed and angle it was thrown/placed and the punch you don't see, is the punch that does the most damage.

Now if that was the case...I don't know. Shady times and it had most people scratching their head.

But I agree; Rocky didn't face someone with the overall size and skill of Liston. And Liston would be his toughest challenge.

Good Fight.
i know its cliche, but the punches you dont see comming are the ones that hurt the most, i think the ali kd of liston in the second fight is legit.

rockys never been in the ring with anyone like liston.. the only way rocky beats liston is if he can crumble his soul, its a high possibility, but rocky was 15 inches of reach worse off vs liston and liston would weigh just north of 210 and be pritty solid in his prime, the thing with liston is, he was fast, but people dont see it because the only fights of him they see are the ones vs ali with alis blistering speed, also liston had some good technical ability. i would give liston the win by stoppage. he could really **** you up, i have a photo of him vs wepner, wepners face looks like a horror film.

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