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Default Re: Does anybody still believe Kung Fu is effective in a real fight?

If you are a Sanda or MT fighter with many more than just two weapons available why defend against hands like a boxer and handicap yourself. The lead knee counter is kryptonite to a boxer, it's quick, more powerful than a punch and the boxer doesn’t see it coming or know how to defend against it.
I'm not even saying that a boxer beats a modern Thai Boxer in his rules.That is your own discusion.And lol at the un-counterable and invencible kriptonite technique of the Knee, is like in Videogames, Hong Kong B movies and Superman comics, with unbeteable combos and techniques.
Is for that Rammon Dekkers drained thailand, and journeyman boxer Virgil Kalakoda draw two times with Buakaw, some can arge that beat him once.But hey, I was not discusing "the superiority of boxing" over you beloved muay thai.I only points that any martial in order to be truly efective needs to be mixed with boxing, wich is clearly proved and contrasted the most efective manner of punch somebody and evade get punched.It's an style developed gradually in real fights, and not a traditional martial art based in the autorithative figure of a Master founder, in contrast boxing always was open to evolve, as did Muay thai at some point of XX century when was stated as a form contac sport and had to adopt some boxing technique in order to give the prizefighter the most posibilities to the victory over the other prizefighter.

If anything, thailand is introducing more boxing than ever.And yes, muay thai as a combat sport introduced fastly western boxing and training methods in the 50's with the blend of western sailors.Because boxing is the best way to use and defend punches.You need some modifications in order to defend legkicks or to throw proper kicks yourself, but basically boxing is boxing, and there are diferent stances with diferent weight distribution in queensberry rules.Also, as I said, you dont see urakens, wing chun or muay boran technique punching like "hannuman ring" and all that TMA things.Muay Thai actually is a mixed combat sport.Gradually repalaced all the traditional punching technique with boxing, and also adopted the boxing ring, boxing gloves, rounds, referee, and boxing training methods.

Is what is it, stop hating.

Anyway, back to the original point, I responded to your comment “but in order to punch and defend punches, you need western boxing.” Which I still say is nonsense in a full striking context outside of the sport of boxing. I can’t speak for the other striking disciplines, but in terms of Muay Thai no self-respecting Muay Thai trainer or gym in the world is gonna tell you to defend punches in the manner of a western boxer and I doubt they would in Sanda either, you’d be annihilated.
Bull****, even they are now paying cuban trainers to go to thailand to teach boxing to the nak muays.Then the fighter have to modify himself some things but that doesnt mean that is not boxing.Also in Sanda, like in modern muay thay, beside the spinning back fist ,you doesnt see any wing chun, mantis or any kung fu or traditional technique for punching or defend punches.
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