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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by choklab View Post
I have threadbare logic because Larry Holmes says Liston (who he never met) was the best jabber in history?
Did or did not Muhammad ali say a middle age Rocky Marciano was hard to hit with a jab?
Liston had a great HARD jab. Ali had a faster more accurate jab than Liston.
If Ali (who not only met Marciano but did friendly sparring with Marciano) who as you say yourself repeatedly countered Liston says Rocky is hard to hit with the jab why is it thread bare logic to agree? If Ali had trouble jabbing Marciano anybody would have trouble jabbing Rocky. This would include Liston.

Because Ali did not know what he was talking about? Or because you find it absolutely exceptional that it is not what you want to hear?

Yet Ali found Marciano hard to hit with the jab. .Marciano countered wallcot, he countered great fighters why cant he (if he is hard to hit with a jab) counter Liston when the man drives forward like liston does?
Ali's style is very different from Liston's in terms of the jab. Ali tried to jab you and stay outside. He wanted you to follow him around and walk into his jab. Liston would try to walk you down with the jab.

A shot Louis didn't have too much trouble finding Marciano with his jab, even though it looked like it was in slow motion. And Louis had nothing else in that fight. Liston's jab would have been much harder and more effective, and he'd be able to follow it up with power punches.
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