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Default Re: Do the UFC care outside of Canada, America, Brazil???

Originally Posted by dillinja View Post
I dont get why people are so bothered about names, fair enough they could have a bigger main event in the uk/aus based ufc's but i like seeing good fights and tonight card has provided some of the better fights in the last few ufc's.
Half of these guys are just going to trash the **** out of the UFC no matter what they do.

You see this mindset all the time here.

For example, a few weeks ago scurla watched a free card featuring Shogun, Machida, Vera, Bader, Lauzon and a returning Mike Swick.

Four fights, four stoppages. Three action-filled back and forth wars, one technical masterclass resulting in a one-shot KO. Two former campions involved, four men competing for a title shot. All on free TV.

It was a great card. Great fights, good names, title implications, feel-good comebacks, just a really good MMA card for FREE.

Scurla's only response to it?

Makes a thread about "Vera sucks."

Has exactly nothing to say about the card, other than shitting all over the guy who performed much better than expected, showed tons of heart and gave the fans a dramatic, exciting fight.

That's the mindset. It doesn't matter who they book, or what happens in the cage. On here they'll get shit on every time regardless.

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