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Default Re: Do the UFC care outside of Canada, America, Brazil???

Originally Posted by dillinja View Post
I dont get why people are so bothered about names, fair enough they could have a bigger main event in the uk/aus based ufc's but i like seeing good fights and tonight card has provided some of the better fights in the last few ufc's.
Half of these guys are just going to trash the **** out of the UFC no matter what they do.

You see this mindset all the time here.

For example, a few weeks ago scurla watched a free card featuring Shogun, Machida, Vera, Bader, Lauzon and a returning Mike Swick.

Four fights, four stoppages. Three action-filled back and forth wars, one technical masterclass resulting in a one-shot KO. Two former campions involved, four men competing for a title shot. All on free TV.

It was a great card. Great fights, good names, title implications, feel-good comebacks, just a really good MMA card for FREE.

Scurla's only response to it?

Makes a thread about "Vera sucks."

Has exactly nothing to say about the card, other than ****ting all over the guy who performed much better than expected, showed tons of heart and gave the fans a dramatic, exciting fight.

That's the mindset. It doesn't matter who they book, or what happens in the cage. On here they'll get **** on every time regardless.

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