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Default Re: Does anybody still believe Kung Fu is effective in a real fight?

I swear this is the last Kung Fu related thread I’m ever getting involved in, it always ends in tears and I’m old enough to bloody well know better!

Originally Posted by Caestus View Post
Is what is it, stop hating.
Hating? Who’s hating? This is a fight forum and if you say something people disagree with they’re gonna let you know about it.

I do realise I have the rather irritating and sometimes boring habit of pulling all striking conversations in the direction of Muay Thai, I admit I do see every combat experience through a Muay Thai prism but’s that’s only to be expected given my background of practical experience and years in Thailand. However, in the current thread regarding your original ignorant comment “in order to punch and defend punches, you need western boxing” I think my Muay Thai “prism” is valid.

In your last post we agree on one thing and it’s the main point of the tread: Classic Kung Fu is a waste of space in a full contact environment. Great……but the rest of it…….where do you get it form? I’ve heard nothing technical to back up any of your outrageous claims. I’m not saying I’m always right, but as most of the regulars in this forum will confirm I always try to back my arguments up with technical and practical reasoning and I suggest you do the same.

And lol at the un-counterable and invencible kriptonite technique of the Knee, is like in Videogames, Hong Kong B movies and Superman comics, with unbeteable combos and techniques.
I’ll leave the comic book and VDO game ****ogies to the armchair experts such as yourself, I tend to keep my ****ogies purely in the fight world.

Is for that Rammon Dekkers drained thailand
WTF! Diamond Dekkers a great trailblazing Muay Thai warrior and ATG no doubt (who I was lucky enough to meet in Lumpinee stadium in 2001), but he didn’t come to Thailand and demolish all the opposition, against Thais he lost more than he won, but he was brave & exciting, everything we love about fighters.

journeyman boxer Virgil Kalakoda draw two times with Buakaw, some can arge that beat him once.
Virgil Kalakoda…..WTF…..again you show your lack of understanding in relation to the giant differences between Kick Boxing & Muay Thai and the differing dynamics that come into play under each set of differing rules. Those fights were under Japanese K-1 rules which points wise favours punching, a world apart from Full Muay Thai Rules where punches are low scoring strikes. K-1 no elbows or clinching, Kalakoda planting his head on Buakaw’s chest was ripe for the clinch not to mention vicious elbow assaults.

I only points that any martial in order to be truly effective needs to be mixed with boxing, which is clearly proved and contrasted the most effective manner of punch somebody and evade get punched.
Please I’d love to hear the technical thinking behind your above statement……That above statement would be funny if I didn’t know you were deadly serious. It smells heavily of a boxing fan that has a soft spot for maybe JKD and the teachings of Bruce Lee.

If anything, thailand is introducing more boxing than ever. And yes, muay thai as a combat sport introduced fastly western boxing and training methods in the 50's with the blend of western sailors.
As you are such an expert on the Thai fight scene can you explain what you mean by “If anything, thailand is introducing more boxing than ever.” Have you ever even been to Thailand, let alone even stepped foot in a Thai Muay Thai gym? Sailors!!!!….. Land locked Issan the traditional hotbed of Muay Thai in the 50s crawling with sailors who just happen to be experienced boxers…. come on man you gotta do better than that!


Because boxing is the best way to use and defend punches
. You need some modifications in order to defend legkicks or to throw proper kicks yourself, but basically boxing is boxing, and there are different stances with different weight distribution in Queensberry rules.Also, as I said, you dont see urakens, wing chun or muay boran technique punching like "hannuman ring" and all that TMA things.

Boxing came in real useful there to defend against that right hand didn't it....

Oh boy, where do you find this stuff, Wikipedia?! As I said in the last post, what you see in modern Muay Thai are the basic offensive & defensive techniques that most traditional regional variants of “Muay Boran” had in common. It’s stripped down and standardized for the ring and then as you say developed upon. Interms of weight distribution between feet, you clearly one again no sweet FA about MT technique. In MT most of your weight is on the back foot, not like boxing where to throw punch with power you have to have a large proportion of weight on you front foot.

Muay Thai actually is a mixed combat sport.
What a ****in insult to Thailand and Muay Thai!!! Don’t ever say that to a Thai. Muay Thai is a cultural jewel that looms large in Thai cultural history having been pivotal at many crucial times in their history.

Bull****, even they are now paying cuban trainers to go to thailand to teach boxing to the nak muays.
Again…..FFS…. Those Cuban trainers are hired for the Thai Olympic Amateur Boxing team, in other words Nak Muay Samak Len not Muay Thai fighters (Nak Muay Thai). They’ve been hiring Cubans for the national squad for about 8 years now, it was a British trainer before that. And just to close as I’m such a generous guy I’ll explain to you what Nak Muay actually means… “Nak Muay” just translates as “Boxer” and is used to refer to Muay Thai fighters, Boxers, Amateur Boxers, Wrestlers and “MMA” fighters alike. It’s been adopted in the West by guys who don’t speak Thai and has been used incorrectly for some time now outside of Thailand in the sense that it is used by westerners to refer to only Thai boxers.

“Nak” is just a Thai prefix used to show someone who has a vocation, you then combine it with the action and this makes the vocation For example:

Nak Rien = Student
Nak Turagit = Business man
Nak Tong Tio = Tour Guide
So in the fight world:
Nak Muay Thai = Thai Boxer
Nak Muay Sakon = Western Styled Boxer (Pro)
Nak Muay Samak Len = Amateur Western Styled Boxer
Nak Muay Baum = Wrestler and surprisingly MMA fighter.
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