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Default Re: Does anybody still believe Kung Fu is effective in a real fight?

Originally Posted by sugarngold View Post
Look Boran you need to cool your ****ing jets. when you have a fighter that is promoted not only as a San Shou fighter - but the best in the world at said style because he's defeated everyone else in the sport at the world level then he's a ****ing Kung fu fighter regardless of what you say.

"Cool my ****ing jets", why cos u say so?

Not going by what I say, I'm going by what Cung said in his interview in Fighting Fit June edition this year where he credits his kicking techniques as coming from Taekwondo.

In the fight game alot of people are promoted as a lot of things but it doesn't mean it's so.......

I've got no problem with Li he's exciting to watch, but he's about as mixed in a striking sense as you can get.
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