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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by ETM View Post
Thats not Marciano`s game. He going to be there to be hit. Liston isnt quitting against a guy that is walking into his wheelhouse. Its wishful thinking.
Have you ever seen a fight where some game bastard climbs all over the better skilled fighter, smothers and frustrates him? It stops the better skilled fighter doing what he wants to do and brings him down a level.

Happens quite a lot, often the game bastard loses eventualy, sometimes he gets the moral victory if not the win itself. Tough bastards of even the lowest level often can really maul inside and are hard to tag on the way in.

Marciano is that game bastard only he has two handed power and proven at ATG level. Being a game bastard is only the least of what Rocky is. IMO even that side of Marciano takes a lot of what sonny is away.

All I am saying is Marciano was awkward to fight and a great fighter. He was hard to hit and is a match for Liston because he is so awkward, fearless and proven.

I also find it refreshing that this fantasy match up is closer this time around.
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