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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by ETM View Post
Thats not Marciano`s game. He going to be there to be hit. Liston isnt quitting against a guy that is walking into his wheelhouse. Its wishful thinking.
Have you ever seen a fight where some game ******* climbs all over the better skilled fighter, smothers and frustrates him? It stops the better skilled fighter doing what he wants to do and brings him down a level.

Happens quite a lot, often the game ******* loses eventualy, sometimes he gets the moral victory if not the win itself. Tough *******s of even the lowest level often can really maul inside and are hard to tag on the way in.

Marciano is that game ******* only he has two handed power and proven at ATG level. Being a game ******* is only the least of what Rocky is. IMO even that side of Marciano takes a lot of what sonny is away.

All I am saying is Marciano was awkward to fight and a great fighter. He was hard to hit and is a match for Liston because he is so awkward, fearless and proven.

I also find it refreshing that this fantasy match up is closer this time around.
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