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Default Re: Better Wins: Pacquiao's Cotto-Magarito or Floyd's Cotto-Mosley

It's a tough one.

Pacquiao v Cotto - Fought the fresher version, Cotto looked strong in there no matter what he (recently) or people said about his weight. His corner was not great.

Mayweather v Cotto - Fought a strong Cotto who in his previous bout was pushing back a bigger, stronger and heavier Margarito. Looked to have a very good training camp, and his corner was very, very good with Diaz in his corner.

Pacquiao v Margarito - Margarito didn't deserve the bout. However, he was still huge compared to Pacquiao in both height and weight. Skill level was night and day. But, when you are in there with a much heavier guy, and he rarely takes a backward step, it's a long night. Very good win taking in the factors in play IMO.

Mayweather v Mosley - A confident Mosley who had just stopped the unstoppable. He was an old Mosley though who had been feeling the pace in certain bouts previously. He had also been out of the ring for a long time, basically had two training camps in a row that may have played a part. He was a game Mosley who had success early, but didn't get a second wind until the latter rounds when he was already worn down by Mayweather. Good win.
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