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Default Re: Does anybody still believe Kung Fu is effective in a real fight?

Originally Posted by PIRA View Post
Muay Thai trainers were employed extensively as San Shou trainers in its beginnings. Also they extensively use Thai pads in training as does every other striking sport (except boxing) - never heard of Kung Fu pads.

The early MT versus San Shou shows were extremely interesting as they showed a vast gulf in abilities between the Thai's and the Chinese. The Chinese got better quickly but credit where credit is due - and it's not due to Kung Fu.

Cung Lee may have been the poster boy for San Shou but I believe he never fought Thai nor the top ranked K-1 competitors and stayed the **** away from any of the top Thai stadiums - just like that other Kung Fu legend Bruce Lee.

Here come the Calvary! Great post PIRA!
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