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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by choklab View Post
I see you are into the christian spirit of sunday once more...
The years upon years that statistics have been recorded for jabs landed: no fighter with even a decent jab has come to the kind of pathetic punch stats you are talking about. Can you show any here? 10% connect rate for someone like Oscar, Mayweather, Holmes, Lopez anyone? Can you show us a round on film where a fighter with even a top class jab misses as much as you are pretending Liston would miss here?

Then, can you show any film where a fighter that actually faces Marciano throws 10 jabs for every 1 they land?

Even if you could do this (and you can't) you would still have a ****load of work to do to back up the fantasy you are pedalling.
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