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Default Re: Boxers Prime years

Originally Posted by lefe View Post
You are some expert too tell us that Wladimir in another 2 years will actually be on a steep decline and heavyweights at 37-38 are done.So Wladimir would be done in six months when he turns 37 and he must retire.
If it makes you sleep better at night, I can lie and say Wlad will fight on until he's 50.Actually he can in this era because it is full of retards.

We all love Wlad and we all know he is GOAT let's not cross into the lines of delusion and think for a moment Wlad at age 37-38 could survive against guys like Prime Bowe orYoung Lewis. Luckily FOR US klittards they don't exist in this era so our idol can go on forever
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