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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by choklab View Post
Liston walked you down with the jab. He hurt you on the way in with it then he was within punching range. Thats ok against a conventional stand up boxer but Marciano was unconventional. When did Liston keep a guy "away" with the jab? It was not a "keep you away" jab. Joe Louis also had a great walk you down jab but it wasnt much use against Arturo Godoy or Tony Galento. Both strong crouching maulers. Likewise Liston vs marciano IMO.

Liston would use his jab but since it was not as fast as Ali's (because it was a diferent type of jab) would'nt he have less sucsess with the jab than Ali says he had with Rocky? IMO I think Liston would use his jab less because he would strugle to find the room and land cleanly with it..
He'd pound Rocky with the jab and once in range he'd pound him with hooks.

Rocky can't beat him outside and I don't fancy him to win the exchanges inside.

Rocky might outlast him in a finish fight but he certainly won't win enough rounds in a 15 round fight. I see no way for him other than to outlast Sonny.
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