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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Can you show us a round on film where a fighter with even a top class jab misses as much as you are pretending Liston would miss here?
Then, can you show any film where a fighter that actually faces Marciano throws 10 jabs for every 1 they land?.
What fighter would persevere with the forth consecutive jab when the last 3 missed? Because I have boxed I can tell you its unlikely to happen and that this example is not one I used or need to find on film just to amuse you.
If a fighter cannot risk the chance of a jab not landing as cleanly as he wants it to he throws less of them. If a punch wont work the way he wants he will try another punch more often. In other words he is forced to adapt. If that means his jab is less effective or neutralised it is the same thing. Forget about the percentage I used for the sake of example, it boils down to this. Some fighters are hard to hit with a jab. Marciano was one of them. If lots of people talk about Marciano having to take a pounding coming in from a punch that was hard to hit him with anyway I will assume its effectiveness is reduced considerably.
Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Even if you could do this (and you can't) you would still have a ****load of work to do to back up the fantasy you are pedalling.
Ok. Answer me this, how effective and evident was Joe Louis’s excellent “walk you down” jab against Arturo Godoy the first time they fought?

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