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Default Re: Boxers Prime years

Originally Posted by Hands of Iron View Post
To be totally honest, Tyson didn't have his fighting guts anymore when he got out of prison and I give Holyfield full credit just for the fact that he was such an underdog going into it. I'd even go so far as to say Tyson was afraid of the guy and how he was going to be humiliated going into the second fight. It was all over his face.

That said, 89-91 is a completely different fight. Tyson of the Ruddock fights was much faster in terms of his hand and foot speed, still threw thunderous counters off jabs, still went to the body consistently, had greater stamina and was very, very angry (particularly after Douglas). Holyfield was barely above 205 lbs at that point, was more prone to trading in the center of the ring, wasn't as physically strong and rock solid and hadn't gained the experience he put to use in '96 to fight the way he did in order to beat a lackadaisical Tyson. I can guarantee one thing: When Holyfield butts '91 Tyson, Mike isnt going to be looking at the referee for help. Holy had some damn quick mitts himself and was adept at fighting on the inside, but it's honestly a fight I see Tyson battering him for the better part of 12 rounds.
Great post. It's sad because the 90's HW could have been their own 'fab four'. Maybe even surpass the 70's. If Tyson didn't go to jail and maintain say his Ruddock levels of skills and intensity. If Bowe kept in shape and didn't duck. If Lewis matured a BIT earilier.
Imagine if they all fought each other multiple times. Lewis Tyson Holyfield Bowe. That's a fab four right there. Not one of them would have had a career pass 1999 though. Probably all be shot by 97ish
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