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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by yaca you View Post
I havent seen this fight before either. I really enjoy watching Ole Kiatoneway fight, but this was very one sided. Ole is the bigger faster stronger man and it showed. in the 4th round their was a point where ole and Karuhat clinched up and Ole just threw him to the ground with ease... Karuhat was just too small.

Karuhat was pretty sneaky tying to set up those highkicks early, but later he seemed to be resigned to losing. Ole came on strong with punching combos there in the fifth round.

the announcer was interesting havent seen this before in a Mauythai fight. Did he really read the scorecards and announce the winner like they do in boxing?

Anyway Stormy thanks for the post, dont want to sound negitve but Karuhat just didnt seem to have a chance here. He seemed slow and old. Does anybody have some info on this fight?
I don't know anything about the fight card, although looking at them, this looks like from when they're both a little older/into their careers, respectively.

I watched it and think the same thing. Ole just outclassed him. I'd never seen Karuhat look that cautious and tense. Every other fight I've seen him in, he's super relaxed, comfortable and confident.
I think Ole was more in damage control mode, not looking to put a hurt on Karuhat, just win the bout comfortably.
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