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Default Re: Does anybody still believe Kung Fu is effective in a real fight?

Originally Posted by Toker View Post
Off topic but what about kyokushin, I heard they did pretty well against Muay Thai??? I am no expert in either art though, just curious.

Kyokushin - great style, use to compete against them, one of the stronger and IMO more practical karate styles. Founder was Korean not Japanese. Produced many a K-1 competitor due to IMO favouring larger competitors with their tournament format. The first world championships Thais entered but were badly outweighed. Used to have the footage.

Again find it telling though that they sent their top three instructors / full contact fighters to Thailand in the 1950's to live and fight and came away with the Thai style round kick in replacement of the Japanese style round kick and the focus on leg kicks.

" In the same year, his dojo received a challenge from Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) practitioners. Oyama, believing that no other style was comparable to his, accepted the challenge and sent three students (Kenji Kurosaki, Tadashi Nakamura, Noboru Ōsawa) to Thailand who won 2 of the 3 fights, thus redeeming the reputation of his karate style."

Wikipedia has it wrong as usual. Makes no mention that they trained with the Thai's for over six months from what I know, they outweighed the Thai's and were the best 3 and went on to become the backbone of Kyokushin - not exactly weekend practioners!

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