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Default Re: Boxers Prime years

Originally Posted by KidDynamite View Post
Also Lewis never really beat McCall. It was clear that there was something going on in that rematch.

McCall barely even fought back and was probably ordered to throw the fight ... so much for "avenging" his defeat against McCall.

The Lewis fight with Golota is also controversial ... Golota was supposedly drugged up for that fight.

The only big win for Lewis was Holyfield. The rest are all Tyson leftovers.
Wow, you are clearly being biased. I am a huge Tyson fan too, but you barely give Lewis credit for his wins against Golota and McCall. What about Mercer, Morrison, and V. klitschko? It's clear that your opinion is irrelevant. Look at your ****ing name and yes I'm aware I have a picture of Tyson as my avatar. I am a Tyson fan but I won't be saying bull**** in order to elevate one of my favorite fighters.

May I recommend That forum is more suited for your bull**** words.
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