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Default Re: Boxers Prime years

Originally Posted by irishny View Post
Yes,he looked awesome against this over the hill version of Holmes who was semi retired.

Lewis's win over Holyfield(twice really) was better than anything Tyson ever did. Deal with it.

Spinks had a grand total of 4 fights at heavyweight.

If Tysons win over Ruddock was better than Lewis's win over Vitali, then what about Lewis destroying Ruddock a year later in much more dominating fashion.

Listen, I know Tyson was a fine fighter. Probably the most dynamic of heavyweights there has been, but he was never as good as his fans made him out to be, and Prime Lewis vs Prime Tyson, Lewis wins every time. Its like Lewis said in the interview on this site. Tyson only knew one way to fight, he had to come forward,jab,weave,get inside and KO you. He could outbox people because he was too short. Did you ever see Tyson dance around the ring flicking out the jab? Of course not, he didnt have the physical tools to do it. His feet were quite slow in the sense of moving around the ring. Lewis on the other hand had the tools to do everything.

Whe Tyson was looking amazing in the late 80s and even when he first came out of prison, he NEVER fought anyone like Lewis, so shoing me clips of these fights are meaningless. There was no one like Lewis back then.

A prime Holmes,maybe but not the old one coming off 2 losses that Tyson beat.

Its easy to say,he would have ducked,weaved,jabbed, but Tyson never had to go into a ring with anyone like Lewis back then. Its easy to look like a superstar when the opposition is sub standard.

The 90s had a pretty stacked heavyweight division. Tyson came through in a pretty mediocre one on the mid to late 80s.

He won his titles from Trevor Berbick, James Smith and Michael Spinks.

None of these guys would even be considered in the top top 50 of all time heavyweights, maybe not even in the top 100.

Spinks was a good LHW.

Holyfield however, would prob be a top 20 all time heavyweight. Vitali too.

The only all time ranked heavyweight that Tyson beat was Larry Holmes and he was way past it.

I dont want to come off like im bashing Tyson. Im simply saying there was no shame in being beaten by Holyfield who was a top fighter.

The fact was that Tyson was made out to be this unstoppable wrecking machine that he just wasnt. And the Holyfield fights were a wake up call for his fans as to what his true level was.
I didn't show the fight to say "Oh look at how Tyson just blew through this guy!!"
I showed it to show the things Tyson would actually do in his prime that he no longer did after prison. It has absolutely nothing to do with the opponent. Just look at Tyson and his demeanor. You can even look at the fights after prison that weren't difficult, and you can tell the difference.

And I'm not arguing Tyson against Holyfield and Lewis. I think prime for prime, Tyson loses to both. My argument is just that Tyson wasn't prime when he fought them.

And you're wrong, Tyson could win a decision, but not in the way you describe of dancing around the ring. He can and has won decisions just by applying pressure and breaking his opponent down over 12 rounds.
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