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Default Re: Boxers Prime years

Originally Posted by irishny
Listen, I know Tyson was a fine fighter. Probably the most dynamic of heavyweights there has been, but he was never as good as his fans made him out to be, and Prime Lewis vs Prime Tyson, Lewis wins every time. Its like Lewis said in the interview on this site. Tyson only knew one way to fight, he had to come forward,jab,weave,get inside and KO you. He could outbox people because he was too short. Did you ever see Tyson dance around the ring flicking out the jab? Of course not, he didnt have the physical tools to do it. His feet were quite slow in the sense of moving around the ring. Lewis on the other hand had the tools to do everything.
Where's the other 215-220 lb fighters who were more coordinated or who moved so fluidly. He was not up against men of much more similar physical dimensions as the lower weights and he was never going to be able to put on back-foot boxing clinics against world-rated HWs. That's only a recipe for defeat and runs the risk of possibly getting himself KTFO in that division. He was cursed to be a come-forward, aggressive natured fighter. It was obviously not a philosophy of his to use his face as a mode of defense and he often effectively jabbed his way in, slipped and countered shots to near perfection, used a variety of angles and planes of movement to create openings, simultaneously able to shuffle his feet quickly into position to gain full leverage on his combinations to the body and head. His defense I do believe was slightly overstated, if energy wasting and used as a tool to get himself into his mid-range sweet spot but it's hard to argue it's effectiveness up through his first 35-37 fights over which he cleaned out most of the division. I think Mike's aggressive style, work rate, effective defense, good chin and lightning quick hands make him just as adept to taking wide points decisions as the next guy and it happened on a few ocassions. He was the P4P #1 fighter - the inaugural actually - for a reason.
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