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Default Re: Boxers Prime years

Originally Posted by Classic Boxer View Post
Wow, you are clearly being biased. I am a huge Tyson fan too, but you barely give Lewis credit for his wins against Golota and McCall. What about Mercer, Morrison, and V. klitschko? It's clear that your opinion is irrelevant. Look at your ****ing name and yes I'm aware I have a picture of Tyson as my avatar. I am a Tyson fan but I won't be saying bull**** in order to elevate one of my favorite fighters.

May I recommend That forum is more suited for your bull**** words.

Calm down, what I said was nothing but the truth. Watch the McCall vs. Lewis rematch and tell me there isn't something wrong with McCall there. And its documented that Golota was injected with lidocaine, a local anesthetic.

Golota even sued his doctor over it

What about Vitali? Vitali beat him for 6 rounds and the fight was stopped due to a cut. Lewis was getting hammered and everyone knew it. He didn't have the courage to even give him a rematch and ducked into retirement. Many people think Mercer beat Lewis and Morrison was nothing special.

Pinklon Thomas, Tony Tucker, an older Larry Holmes, Michael Spinks, Trevor Berbick and the rest were all good to great fighters. Mike didn't become undisputed champion of the world and the youngest champion ever by beating nobodies. Pinklon Thomas had an iron chin and had never been KOed before ... Tucker was undefeated and was supposed to be the type of fighter Tyson would lose too but Mike beat him clearly .... Larry Holmes resume up to that point was honestly no better than Tyson's and he wasn't that past his prime, as his record after Mike indicates.

Spinks was the linear champion and beat Larry Holmes TWICE and just came off a win over Gerry ****ey. Berbick tried to push and bully Mike around which was supposed to lead to his magical collapse but was hammered so badly he couldn't even get up.
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