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Default Re: Mayweathers backs down on steroid accusations in settlement with Manny Pacquiao

Originally Posted by KnuckleUp99 View Post
I understand negotiations homie....I've been in MANY negotiations in my profession. Which is why I NEVER bought that Floyd really wanted this fight. Why? Simple....

Floyd didn't act in the normal fashion he had always exhibited before when negotiating previous fights.

Floyd never came out blasting opponents with accusations that could harm or destroy a career...Floyd never needed special tests for any of his other opponents before PAC was on the radar.

Think of it this way.....Making a fight isn't that much different than any business negotiations.

Let me paint you a picture....Let's say Floyd represents "Apple inc" and PAC represents "GOOGLE". Let's say Apple and GOOGLE were in negotiations to make some MASSIVE deal that would generate HUGE profits.

Let's take the negotiations model that Floyd took when "negotiating" the fight with PAC.

Apple does a press release insulting GOOGLE....accusing GOOGLE of unethical business practices and then DEMANDS GOOGLE to subject themselves to an internal audit by a company that Apple hired.

We all know that if Apple went that route, it means Apple NEVER really wanted to make a deal with GOOGLE in the first place....

GOOGLE wouldn't have even thought of using PAC's negotiation model after that ****....GOOGLE would have killed any thought of any further negotiations with Apple and the proposed business partnership would have been dead in the water.

Floyd's actions speak louder than anything his mouth could produce. His actions prove he doesn't want to fight matter what his mouth says......his actions contradict anything he says when it comes to fighting Manny.

If Floyd wanted to fight PAC he would have shown the actions of a man who was looking to "CLOSE" the deal...not "SABOTAGE" it.
Im not saying Floyd has no fault. He shares the responsibility with Manny and Arum for failure to make the fight.

And this is boxing, not some technology company merger. Insult, accusations, heresay, berating opponents, its all part of the game.

I believe both Floyd and Manny wanted and still want the fight. Floyd has always insult ed and accused his opponents of some **** or another. I feel that like those fighters Manny wanted to settle the score in the ring but was, in his mind, legitimately concerned about how the test would affect him.

This is were Arum took over. I strongly feel that Arum conviced Pac, to instead of continuing negotiating the cutoff for testing, to move on and fight Clottey. He also pushed Manny to file the suit, because Manny doesnt seem like the type to be filing lawsuits over **** like that. He would let his fist do the talking.

From this point forward chaos ensued and the blame game went into high gear.

In all these years of attempted negotiations, Arum has reigned supreme in excuse making and placing obstructions for the fight to be made.

If you ****yze the negotiations thouroughly and without bias you will come to the conclusion that Manny is probably least at fault for the fail negotiations. Then comes Floyd but the bulk of the blame squarely lies on Arum's shoulders.
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