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Default Re: Mayweathers backs down on steroid accusations in settlement with Manny Pacquiao

Originally Posted by KnuckleUp99 View Post
This is something positive that has come out of Floyd's "negative" actions. Not that additional testing on athletes is NOT a good's NECESSARY for the sport to progress....and we have to accept that Floyd was the the man at the heart of this whole movement.

However......his intentions were NOT honorable.....They were presented in a way that Floyd hoped would be perceived that way but in reality he wasn't drawing attention to the outdated testing measures in boxing to "clean up the sport"....he did it to help his baseless accusations aimed at tarnishing PAC's career as a boxer.

I take the good with the bad.....but I'm not one to let Floyd off the hook just because there was some good that came from all this.
I don't care about his intentions.

His intentions are not even relevant. What is relevant is that a top level athlete asked to have certain cutoffs, which took away from the integrity of the testing.
If he did it to ehlp his accusations then he wouldn't have asked every fighter since getting the idea to start it.

Whatever Floyd's intentions were is not important. What is important is that NO athlete should duck or manipulate any drug testing.
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