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Default Re: Thoughts on Ustinov, and him vs Pulev?

Originally Posted by Mr. Iron Chin View Post
I think this will prove a tight fight at first with the rounds pretty even at first. Pulev with the edge techingue wise using the nice jab of his to keep The Iron Chinned KO Machine at bay, but as always Pulev's lack of activitey will keep Ustinov well within these opening rounds. Ustinov with his sheer brute force and chin will be attempting to walk Pulev down throughout the fight and he will have mixed success with this early on. The fight remains tight going into 11th round then WALLOP! Ustinov has put Pulev down, he's back up at the count of 8! But is looking unsteady. BANG, BANG! Nice one two from Ustinov here as he puts the Bulgar down again. Pulev's up! Only 24 seconds lift to survive! Like a beastly bull seeing red Ustinov is in there after him. He's banging to the body, banging to the head, left right, left right, I DON'T THINK HE'S GOING TO SURVIVE. 10 SECONDS TO GO. pULEV'S CORNER THROW IN THE TOWEL!!!!!!! AND THE NEW EUROPEAN CHAMPION, ALEXANDER USTINOV!!!!!!
I bet you feel very silly right now.
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