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Default Re: Wach - Any chance against Wlad

Originally Posted by Boxed Ears View Post
Yes, English, bassface. Learn on it. This why no one take Euro forum serious here. Only some us prostrate with learning speak universally. If Charr no win on fair card, if they no worry, you tell me why they stop with immediacy and no chance for corner plug blood? Make your dinner and lie in it, Mr. Chef.
Vitali won every round, he even dropped Charr in the second. Vitali was beating him up badly there's no way Charr even one a single rd. I had Vitali winning the first 3 easily(2nd was a 10 8 and he was winning the 4th convincingly. While I agree that the stoppage was premature, it's not like it's really matters. Charr didn't have a chance and Vitali would have opened up that cut even more over the next couple of rounds. Vitali himself wanted the fight to go on, whats done is done. If you think Charr was in that fight at all maybe you should stop watching boxing, I don't think it's the sport for you.

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