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Default Re: How useful is boxing in street fighting ?

Brown Bomber: I completely agree about starting fights. There is no reason two people should fight, especially when the situation can be handled with words.

On topic: This weekends lopsided ass-kicking handed out by Vic Darchinyan is a perfect example of what a truly full-rounded boxer can do to someone. Darchinyan's amateur background gives him a great understanding of what styles he should expect to come across, while his unorthodox style and natural southpaw "caginess", coupled with a solid understanding of old-school clench-boxing/dirty boxing, and a healthy dose of wrestling/clench wrestling technique (thanks to his father Ruben Darchinyan) makes him an absolute nightmare in a street fight. His only problem would be his obvious size handicap, as he is naturally small. Other than that, a wonderful example of complete boxing understanding, from technical to unorthodox theory, down to classic pugilism technique.
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