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Default Re: How useful is boxing in street fighting ?

Originally Posted by MonkeyEarMuffs View Post
Okay, I need to chime in on this. People need to stop separating boxing from fighting. Boxing IS fighting. We, as a society, practice a cleaner, more civilized version of boxing. Make no mistake, elbows, swings, headbutts, shoulders rams, forearm strikes, foot stomps, groin shots, throat punches. All these things are boxing techniques. Every missed hook is a landed elbow. We practice what we were taught, what is allowed, but as boxers, it is up to us to remember, it was, and always will be, the gentlemanly art of self defense. Boxing has, in its makeup, the ability to allow the practitioner the control of increasing or decreasing the intensity of the combat. Boxing is in itself, designed for frequent combat with an emphasis on causing damage while reducing damage to the practitioner. A well rounded boxer, meaning, a healthy, conditioned boxer with an understanding of all of boxing. This means Olympic, pro, and bare knuckle concepts, is a freaking wrecking machine.

Old-school boxer almost universally knew how to wrestle. Clench boxing IS in effect, clench wrestling concepts with boxing thrown in. Just because people don't know how to handle themselves in the clench range now, does not mean that boxing does not have a solution to many of combats problems. With the exception of a ground game, boxing is one of the most complete forms of unarmed combat in existence. Boxers don't kick because it's dangerous. It surrenders the boxing base, which is the foundation of boxing. the boxers stance is designed for receiving and delivering blows.

If you learn how to box. All of boxing. You will be more than formidable. Think about, a chump starts beef, you engage, you range with a jab, dictate the pace, control for the possible take down, and pace the fight out to your benefit, no one, not a drunk guy, or a tough guy, or a bully, no one wants to get jabbed, punched slugged, moved around, shoved, stomped, and generally blasted for 3,6, 9 12 minutes. Most people on the street will eat a few stiff jabs, a cross and a hook, take their lickings and go get a pint.

just my 2 cents...
Fully agree with this, touches on the same sentiments I laid out in my earlier post in this thread.
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