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Default Re: Why Mayweather beats Sergio Martinez

If Floyd walks in with a high guard, Sergio will shoot left hands into his body to break him down.

He'll also double the jab, and left straight right through his guard if not just a left straight.

Floyd would leave this fight a blood mess if that is his strategy.

If he has any hope at beating Martinez, he has to walk in circles and make Martinez follow him around the ring, and then attack when Martinez is least expecting him, with single shots.

If he throws anymore than one shot, he leaves himself open for a devestating counterpunch.

His best tactic would be to try to utilize the Hopkins game plan against Dawson, but the problem is that Martinez is more dynamic than Dawson, and recently, even against Chavez for large portions of the fight, he was forced to be the aggressor and track his opponents down.

He is skilled in this tactic, mainly because his opponents fear his power.

The ones that walk straight in, they get stopped. Barker had some success, but his superior reach and size, allowed him to establish the distance.

Mayweather doesn't have this attribute. He can't rely on his height and reach because Martinez is the bigger man, so if he tries to walk Martinez down, he'll eat hard left hands, even if they are partially blocked.

Regardless if they are, Martinez has shown capability for high output, and he doesn't have enough power to trouble Martinez.

This fight has Martinez KO written all over it.
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