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Default Re: Why Mayweather beats Sergio Martinez

Originally Posted by bballchump11 View Post
I wouldn't have ever thought Floyd was going to come forward vs Sergio until watching him do it vs Mosley and Ortiz who were both pretty dangerous opponents for Floyd. Also watching the Barker fight helped as well. Floyd will need to be very very careful while doing it and keep his defense tight, but it's possible. He can't give Sergio many opportunities to counter.

You make an excellent point about Mayweather tending to follow his opponents around, and the Mitchell fight is a good example of this. I believe Floyd is a better pressure fighter now than he was then and much stronger. That version of Floyd probably wouldn't have been able to come forward vs Shane like he did later on. Sergio will be much tougher than both Mitchell and Shane though, so it still could cause trouble, but we'll have to see. I don't think he'll be coming on as hard as he did in that fight either since he'll respect Sergio more than he did Mitchell.

Also that move Floyd does with the lead right was a maneuver he used to increase the range/power on his cross and to allow him to get close to smother his opponent. I see the point you're making, and I think that has to do with Floyd's age as well. He used to get away with that punch all the time when he was younger, but he'll have to be careful vs Sergio. GIFSoup

Also just because he's coming forward doesn't mean he has to lead all the time. He can do it behind his defense and countering Sergio (Floyd should study some Sweet Pea to prepare )

Everything you said will come into play though. Floyd needs to be careful for Sergio straight left to the body as well. I've seen him get hit with that punch against almost every southpaw he's faced. It isn't an easy fight for either guy.

Good post
Coming forward while countering makes sense, as opposed to just trying to corner Martinez. Much more in line with what Barker had success with, I agree.

You're right about the leaping right; he leans into it sometimes, but it's not as bad in some parts vs. others. Against Cotto, it looks like he could get popped in retaliation due to his balance chasing Cotto. But against an incoming Hatton, he increased his range a whole lot by leaning forward with his feet firmly under him.

And great point on the left to the body, both have excellent straights to the body that land pretty much every damn time. Sergio just has to be careful not to fall into too much of a rhythm. Against Chavez Jr., it was Jab up top, Straight down to the stomach, OR jab to the stomach, straight up top all night. Floyd would eventually fighter that **** out, so Sergio needs to lead and counter to mix it up himself as well.

This is definitely an intriguing battle to think about
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