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Default Re: Do the UFC care outside of Canada, America, Brazil???

Originally Posted by Thom View Post
The couldn't get a decent TV deal, so there's not much revenue coming from the region. They don't run PPVs there anymore because the time difference loses screws with North American PPV buys, which is where the bulk of their revenue still comes from. Additionally, in any mainstream news report in print or on television that I've seen from the UK, MMA is derisively referred to as "cage fighting" and treated the same way that it was by the US media back in the 90s when it banned from PPV here. They tried for years to gain a serious foothold, and it didn't work out.

It was even worse in Germany. MMA got banned from German television after they went over there. I don't blame them at all for not going back.
Originally Posted by Thom View Post
The bulk of the money comes from TV revenue be it a broadcast agreement or PPV. They tried to build up the brand by doing big shows over there, fan expos and local promotion, but it's still not profitable. That's all that there is to it. If they could make decent money there, they'd be running shows there. I have my issues with Zuffa management, but they're smart enough to know where their bread is buttered.
Fair points, sounds logical
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