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Default Re: Why Mayweather beats Sergio Martinez

Originally Posted by Leon View Post
Whooped Julio's son's AZZ on the inside in the 4th round I think for about the first half of the round. Julio's son mentally checked out in the 5th because of this imo.

Floyd is better on the inside than Sergio is though.
But that wasn't really an inside fight. Julio puts his head down and has a gape of space between his head and body that the smaller Martinez had a field day with. Not to mention that Chavez barely threw any punches.

Martinez having full range of his arms and body doesn't constitute as an inside battle to me. I've seen Martinez do the same thing in the past. When he really does get in the range where he can't get that comfortable mid range torque on his shots, he clinches or turns.

I'm not disagreeing that Martinez fought Chavez Jr. off of him at several points in the fight, round 4 being the most pivotal, but it was hardly an inside fight. It was Martinez using the space Chavez Jr. naturally creates with his head first style, that gave Martinez the ability to fully utilize his speed advantage and make Chavez pay.

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