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Default Re: Shane Mosley vs Ismael Laguna at LW

Originally Posted by Vic-JofreBRASIL View Post

And in terms of defense, Laguna has the edge......Never was stopped in 75 fights facing great opposition and an offensive force like Ortiz three times....If Ortiz couldnīt, Shane wouldnī can give Shane the edge in the power, but he wasnīt as good offensively as Ortiz, and thatīs the most important here IMO.....
This. Shane lacked too much in the way of his jab, co-ordination/finesse in his wheels and the ability to set up his attack while moving forward against the mobile, trickier types for my liking. Saldivar, Ortiz and Buchanan were all able to impose their superior physicality on Laguna down the stretch, but their abilities in terms of footwork, technical skill, boxing nous and the jab were all clearly above anything I've ever seen Mosley demonstrate in that regard. And even then it wasn't as though they had it easy with Laguna. Shane was physically very powerful (see the Margarito fight) and had obvious power but I can't see him managing to manoevre himself close enough often enough to make it tell on Ismael over the course of the fight; he'd tire himself out trying to do so imo. Laguna had a good jab, a sublime 1-2, an even more sublime inverted 1-2 and he'd also have a slight speed advantage. Mosley would have to work hard to not get discouraged upon encountering real difficulty - something I've never thought he did too well. The only thing I can think of in his defence is that Laguna seemingly got discouraged against Elorde when Elorde was able to put him on the deck in Manila, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the hostility of the Philippino supporters in the cauldronesque Araneta that got to him as much as anything once Elorde - a great and very complete fighter - was able to gain the upper hand.

I might be coming across as a bit hard on Mosley here, and Laguna wasn't what I'd call a truly complete fighter in that he had flaws of his own that the great technicians and pressure fighters were able to exploit, but Mosley was neither.

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
135lbs was where I was most underwhelmed by Mosley funnily enough. I think he came into his own at 147 and is massively overrated at 135lbs, and only managed to fight there due to 24 hour weigh in's.
This too. His handspeed seemed to pick up there, plus the crop he beat at lightweight were so **** poor (by elite standards) that they don't really serve as any kind of indicator in assessing his h2h capabilities at the weight.
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