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Default Re: Does anybody still believe Kung Fu is effective in a real fight?

Originally Posted by Caestus View Post
Yoshiji Soeno,the best Kyokushin at the time, in one of the Thailand challenges:

Notice how he box to win that fight and never uses any of karate punches.In fact is his superior boxing ability what really makes the difference over his Thai challenger.
Oh Caestus, you realise with this clip you've shot yourself in the foot right?!?!?

That’s not Yoshiji Soeno, it's the Japanese Muay Thai pioneer Toshio "Cinderella Boy" Fujiwara! Look at your clip, notice the belt and the shorts at 8.30 and then the pose at 8.34,and then look at the pic in the article below, look familiar, it’s Fujiwara, the shorts even say his name on them.

It's true Toshio studied Kyokushin under Japanese "Master", but after losses to Muay Thai fighters he quit, relocated to Bangkok where he lived, trained & fought for years. He was the first non Thai to win a stadium belt in Raja in 78. He then returned to Japan and cleaned up with his newly acquired Muay Thai skills.

That clip is after his return from Thailand. Both Toshio Fujiwara and Tadashi Sawamura where early MT legends in Japan with wins over Thais but both careers have been slightly tainted with "soft" fights in Japan where Thais were paid to lose I admit more Tadashi than Toshio. Don't take my word for it do some research, it's no big secret, it's common knowledge in Muay Thai and Kickboxing circles.

Please let's put this one to bed's getting a bit tedious even for me let alone other posters on the forum.

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