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Default Re: Buakaw Banchamek to meet Manny Pacquiao in the Ring

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post

About Pac's expereince in Thailand, it doesn't work like you say. When a Pinoy boxer gets flown over to fight a Thai (which happens regularly) he is flown out no earlier than a week, usually does the press conference in a hotel for the Thai media, given a pair of Twinns boxing shorts, fights and before he's had time to get to the top floor of MBK he's on a plane home. Not enough time to learn how to say kick in Thai let alone how to throw onen. He was never based in Thailand and I think only fought there a handful of times.

I'd say that's an boxing Urban Myth.
Even if it's light training, it's still experience. It's likely he sparred and learned the basics during downtime since he did spend a lot of time in Thailand. If you can actually prove Pac NEVER trained in MT at any point in his life, fine, no biggy. I never claimed it was indisputable. But I wouldn't call it an urban myth; it sounds more like a reasonable possibility. As for an MMA match, if I'm not mistaken Buakaw has been KOed before by punches and all it takes is for MP to land one of his signature shots to get him out of there. But I'd still put my money on Buakaw to win although I would not be shocked to see Pac get the KO.
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